Tears in Heaven

A hard rain's a-gonna fall...

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Autumn Rains
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Коротко о себе: переводчик, мать взрослого сына, книжный червь, синефилка, телеманка, меломанка, театралка и просто счастливая женщина. И да, happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
Bob Dylan

One cliché attached to bookish people is that they are lonely, but for me books were my way out of being lonely. If you are the type of person who thinks too much about stuff then there is nothing lonelier in the world than being surrounded by a load of people on a different wavelength.
Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive

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Most of human history and art can be expressed in Star Trek plots.
Stephen Fry


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